Quickly Pick Up Key Business and Life Skills With A Short 21-Day Project Right In Your Local Community

The Whole Package

What if in 21-Days you could pick up key life skills like project design, project management, better writing skills, basic online tech skills, presentation skills, appointment setting, interview skills, communication/people skills, overcome shyness, and a lot more?

Let me show you how with a simple personal project built around something you love or are passionate about, and how you can use that to work on all the skills above and also connect with key people who can help you achieve your goals.

What I'll Show You?

  • In this book, I will show you:

    1. How to take initiative right where you are and start an interview project built around your passion (including the 15 question test to find your passion). Don't wait for someone to give you permission. It's in your hands.
  • Why writing is a strong platform for any project. It's been a bedrock for many great projects from the old days, still is, used by some of the most influential people ( President Obama, Warren Buffet & others) right now, and how you can also use it at your own level to get people to hear you and create value.
  • How to present an idea (your project) before a professional, a business owner, or someone you'd like to connect with, and do it on a win-win basis.
  • How to set appointments with professionals, follow up, and make them stick.
  • Why fear or shyness has no place in your heart if you are out there to do good. Also how this project will help you begin to grow your conversational skills if you feel like you are not a people person and want to overcome it.
  • How to write daily blog posts while the project is ongoing and improve your writing skills, in 21 days or more.
  • How to interview people in an easy, fun, and natural way.
  • Why you already have virtually everything you need to get going with this.
  • Why there's an opportunity to work on a project right now where you live but you may not see.

    What's more? One of the most important and cheapest tool you can use to get going you already have in your pocket, if you have a smart phone.

My Story & How It Happened

Hi, I'm Kingston.

You know that time when you wonder what you can do on your own to create a change in your life, or make a difference? A change that's more around what you love and can do, instead of around someone else's? I was there, and felt stuck.

So I decided to do something about it. I sat and thought things over. I looked at the things I loved, knew how to do, and decided to build a project around it---an interview project to get out there and see what I could do to help others---small business owners in my local community, in particular (because that's what I'm passionate about---to learn how business works and how they stay on their feet. I resolved to take the next 30 days and make the most of it.

In 21 days, by way of an interview project, I collected (sat and listened to) the entrepreneur stories of some of the finest small business owners in my local city of Austin, Texas.

I took notes of everything I learned from them, shared their stories online, documented the whole journey on my blog, learned from it all, and came away better than when I started---with newly formed relationships and some strong lessons in personal development. Lessons in things like taking initiative, personal project building, writing/blogging as a strong cornerstone for any project, communication skills, and effective people skills.

After the project, I knew the underlying lessons that got me going and through the project will definitely be useful to others, and could be applied to a lot of other initiatives. So I decided to share it everyone who could use it---the story and the 'how-to' and a few more values that I got from the project. Here it is, in the book plus notes on finding your passion and taking your project and turning it into a book.

Why it matters to you?

You may have a passion, an idea, or simply want to make a difference in your local community. The skills and lessons I show you in this book will help you get started through a short interview project right where you live while connecting you to key people who could help you.

1. Why a project? A project is your way of starting small. There are billions of people out there with a dream, but don't know how to break it down to a small project and start.

It's like that 'elephant,' which may be your 'big dream,' and that may be too big right now. But the smart way is to start small by taking a small bite of your big goal.

How do you build a skyscraper? It's a brick at a time, right? It's the same with a project; it's your first few steps in your thousand mile journey, or the first brick you lay to start building your dream (whatever that may be.) So start with a small project

2. Why interviews?

Well, interviews are just conversations, right? And like you already know, life is all about conversations. Nothing happens on earth until someone starts a conversation about it.

And to give you a bigger picture, there's a saying that captures this point well: "If you want to go fast, go alone. But if you want to go far, go with others."

In other words, involve other people. Connect with others about what you want to do, learn, create, or build, and your chances of making it happen is far greater. Start by having conversations with others, and build relationships through it all.

Also, through the project (which should be well-organized and focused), you'll also get to work on key life skills like: 

1. Taking initiative (without waiting for someone else to tell you or give you permission to start working on your passion)

2. How to design a project around your passion

3. Work on and strengthen your writing skills through daily blogging while the project is going on

4. Fine-tune your verbal pitch/presentation skills

5. Overall, pick up key life skills in working with people and building key relationships.

Love this! Can't Wait for the book to use as a guide to start this in my tow.

Kingston is a unique individual with a vision like many others who have the spirit of help. Most business owners at the end of the day are simply there to help. Kingston has developed an understanding of this, and is wiling to share it in his book. This can be adopted and mixed by individuals who share this vision and want to help others. Lee Rector Owner of Black Forest Werkshop, Austin, TX (Interviewed as part of the project)
Wow, just read the first part, and it got me excited to go out and do some projects like you did... it gave me confidence because you identified with my fears, yet you still did it. Amazing! Thanks, you really have a gift of writing. I felt you were vulnerable, yet effective because of it. You appeared to me as small, and yet large. Small going through the challenges, and large having gone through them, and teaching us to do the same Fritz Scanlan Early Sample Reader

Who This Is For?

  • New Bloggers
    A project like this gives you something worthy to write about. Something that’s real and that others could learn from, and could lead to freelance income. In 21 days or less of blogging about your journey and sharing it, you will have created real relationships, strengthened your writing skills, and given yourself a chance to help others.
  • New Writers/Journalists
    Get basic reporting skills, learn to interview people, and document the whole process for your portfolio. The media company may not always give you the opportunity to work on your chops on a project that gives you creative control. This could be a short project to exercise your own creativity.
  • Young Entrepreneurs
    Build people, pitching, and public speaking skills as you go out there and present your rationale before others for whatever you are working on, and invite others to join you on your journey while helping them at the same time.
  • Non-Profit Starters
    You get to do something for free, publicize your new non-profit's idea by going out and interviewing people in your community about it, learn from the whole experience, incorporate their ideas about how to make the non-profit more relevant to them, build skills, and gather contacts — -most non profits are supported by local businesses and professionals who share your interest.
  • Students — High school, College & Recent Graduates
    In school or recently out of school? Start by working on some essential skills in communication, writing, running a personal project, and general people skills. Learn how by starting a short term project about something you enjoy in your own local community. You get creative control, opportunity to find your voice, while making a difference at the same time.
  • Folks Looking For Work
    It’s okay to look for work, but looking could take long---weeks, months, and sometimes years---so why not take a personal initiative to get busy and improve your skills with a short personal interviewing project built around your passion? In 21 days or more/or less, you will have a better resume after your project, created new relationships, and this could lead to something more worthwhile. Funny enough, during my project one of the owners---seeing my passion, initiative and professionalism--- offered me an application to work for him. But for the fact that I had different plans, I would have taken it.  

    Update: Also, while working on the edit of this book, I read one or two articles about how others have used interview projects to land their dream jobs at good companies. Here's one:

    David Rogier wanted a job at IDEO, an international design and consulting firm, and he shares how he used an interview project to help him get the gig. Here is an excerpt of  the article he shared on

    "Before I applied to IDEO (the revolutionary product design consultancy), I asked a former IDEO employee (the wonderful
    Emily Ma) what IDEO would perceive as my biggest weakness. Her answer: are you actually creative? I didn't have a portfolio and I came from supply chain. Instead of filling out their application, I decided to make a book. I spent 10 hours in 4 different airport baggage claims, interviewed 23 people and put together a book on Snapfish about how I would improve baggage claims. I got the internship."

    At another time, he wanted to land a job at Evernote, the note-taking app many love, and he used an interview project again:

    "After graduate school, I wanted to work in Product Management. I was super impressed by Evernote. I decided to show them what I could do. I focused on the new user onboarding experience. I interviewed 23 users about it, came up with a few ideas and wrote 10 slides
    about it. I emailed those to the CEO. He emailed me back in 30mins and asked me to come in."

    Now, there are many people who are currently looking for work but have not thought about taking a personal initiative to show their potential employers what they can do. Between a person who shows initiative by getting out there to do something and another person who simply sends in a resume, I will pick the "initiative guy" anyday.

    PS: David made a book that landed him the position. If you are wondering how, I have added a bonus eBook on how to turn your project into a book below. Check it out towards the bottom of this page.

The total package

Start With Your Passion

( and the Add-on  Ebook and Workbook I added for those who don't know what their passion is).

A Workbook to help your connect your passion to your project and to find it if you don't already know.

Why start and work with your passion?

Let me start with this truth: Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by it's ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid."
-Albert Einsten.

Let me share a little more light on this.

When I was younger, I always sort of wanted a challenging job, a job that kind of got me out of the house and in front of people. You see, I have always believed that people skills will play a huge role in my life going forward. So after looking for a while, I got a job at a window company. We canvassed neigborhoods talking to people about their windows and what we could do to help them.

I loved this job. Why?

I found myself meeting a lot of cool and interesting people and saw myself calmly asking people to have our company come in, free of charge, to look at their windows. Most allowed us.

But one day, while walking toward a house, I saw a quote posted on the door.

It read: "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." -Albert Einstein.

This struck me, and I took out a pen and wrote it down on a piece of paper. Later on, away from work, as I thought about it, I found a truth coming out.

You see, nature is a good teacher. I believe God designed it to be so. It's like looking into a mirror to see what you look like, since you can't literally get out of your body and look at yourself.

So I thought about what the fish does, what a horse does, what an eagle does, what a lion does. All these animals exist in nature, right? And then it hit me. As awesome as an eagle is when it flies, we never judge it by how well it walks on land, right? Nor do we judge a fish by how well it flies. Look at a fish in the sea, or even in an aquarium, and watch how it moves. It's easy. Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, as it smoothly and gracefully moves through the water. We often watch in amazement. But put it on land and take a look. It will start to struggle, and before you know it, it will die.

I realized we all have our place, a place to shine, a place where we flourish, and if we are not building our lives around that place or for that purpose, we struggle.

Just as a fish struggles on land; or a bird will not live long under water.

We are not very different from them. We are looking into a mirror to learn by looking at nature. Again, in that sense, we are all designed by God for a particular purpose, and just as the fish does not live anywhere else but in water it's whole life, we should also live within the center of what we are good at or passionate about, and that's where our passion comes in.

So my point here is this: With a project like this, don't just do it, but start it with your passion, and build it around something you are passionate about, and you'll have a better chance of enjoying it and have greater success.

And that's why I wrote the short guide and the 15 question-test to help you find it, if you don't already know.

And even if your passion does not involve a project like this, that's fine. It's more important to me that you thrive than to buy this book, but if your passion will someway, somehow, involve other people and some communication and people skills, then give this project a chance.

So before you write off the project, see if it can give you a chance to pick up one or two skills---personal project design, writing skills, presentation skills, interview skills, or just general relationship building skills---that will come in handy for your life's work.

Absolutely love the concept. Very inspiring. Love the part where you said problems are doors, not walls; and challenges are opportunities, not obstacles Carol Davis Early Sample Reader
What a great concept! Julie Young Early Sample Reader

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Don't Waste Your By-Product & How To Turn Your Project Into A Book.

Add-on Bonus

A short guide with tips on how to turn your project into a book.

Why this project gives you another opportunity to write a book, and get published.

After working on your project, here’s something else that you get as a result.

Remember Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motors, the Ford cars that a lot of people drive around these days? Yes, him. As the story goes, while working on the production of model T's he found a way to turn wood scraps from his production process into charcoal briquets. From that he built a charcoal plant that led to the formation of Ford Charcoal, later renamed Kingsford Charcoal, a major supplier of charcoal for a countless number of people all over the country today. What if Henry Ford threw out the by-product of his car making process?

The same goes for you. When you go through your project, you’ll come away with a story and lessons, and that’s your by-product. These are things that you now know from your project that a lot of other people do not and could learn from you. Don’t throw it out.

If you are reading this, I know you have some ability or appreciation for the skill of writing, and if that’s the case, as you document your journey during the project ( like I teach you in the main book) then you will not only learn from the main project, but you’ll soon have a product yourself.

A product? Yes, a product is simply value that's packaged and sold to help another person. And once you complete your project, you can tell your story and share your lessons in the form of an eBook that could be sold anywhere, even right here on Clickbank.

And you know clickbank has an army of army of affiliates to help you sell it. That’s why in package 2, I add another eBook that shares all the notes and tips from my publishing process and how you can package your own experience into an eBook when you are done with your project.

This eBook goes into the nuts and bolts of how to do it, and what to keep in mind as you write it. And what’s more? Since everyone is different in some way, and you’ll most probably be working on a completely different project, based on a different passion (I worked on interviewing small business owners), you’ll come away with a different story and experience though you will be applying the same principles. And if that’s the case, then not only will your story be different but your lessons will also be different ( and maybe even better than mine), and that means they will apply to a different group of people if you were to share your lessons in an eBook.

And once you have a PDF or epub file ready, which is what an eBook is, you can sell it on a number of platforms: AMAZON, CLICKBANK, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, GUMROAD, etc. Or, if you are up for it, have companies like BookBaby, IngramSpark, Nookpress (by Barnes and Noble), or Createspace turn it into a print/physical book (hardcover/softcover) and see your book live in print.

I remember my excitement while I was waiting for the mailman to deliver the first copy of my book to my apartment. For a few days before the due date, I will open my apartment door to see if it has been dropped off, or go to the mail box itself to check. And on one rainy day, I heard a firm knock on the door and went to check, and there was the book wrapped up in a brown cardbox wrap. My book is in print! My book! My work! My thoughts! Wow!

Why my excitement? Think of it this way. I have always been an avid reader, from my days as a newspaper boy, selling newspapers while reading as many of them as I can, After those days, I went on to read actual books by some of the best writers out there, and ended up being inspired by them. And now, here I am in a position to pay it forward by publishing my own book that others can read and learn from! That changes you. That shifts something deep inside you. You think to yourself, I did it! I see MY OWN BOOK LIVE IN PRINT! You know without a shadow of doubt that you did it: you can touch it, feel it, smell it, and hug it.

And now you have made something in the world, a product that can impact other people, and as you already know, billions of people go through their WHOLE LIFETIMES without coming anywhere close to that. YOU ARE A PRODUCER, A MAKER, NOT JUST A CONSUMER. You HAVE SOMETHING TO GIVE TO OTHER PEOPLE--because you know it’s MORE BLESSED TO GIVE THAN TO RECEIVE  (CONSUME.)

And what's more, there are many blessings that can come out of this, like speaking opportunities. If you are the type, or will like to learn to speak in public, or work on your public speaking skills, here’s your chance. Why?

The very moment you publish something, your place in the world changes because you have done what billions have never done, and will never do, and with that achievement you can teach other people from your experience.  You are in a kind of AUTHORITY position. You can share your lessons with small groups of people at local meetups, schools, churches, non-profits, etc, and there are many speaking opportunities like that in your local community.

That can also lead to more opportunities, not to mention boosting your self confidence, as you work on your speaking skills.

100% Money Back Guarantee = Try It Out For Free

Another Added Bonus:
A Content Gathering Workbook to Make It Easy To Gather The Content For Your Book.

The content gathering workbook

We all know the writing process can be daunting. It's like a giant process in front of you that tells you how hard it will be or maybe even impossible. 

Where do you start--you may ask yourself? How do you put it all together? How do you wrap it up? All these questions may run through your mind and may stop you from starting at all.

But what if you already had all the content clearly organized and ready to go? What if you had a working outline of chapters to make the book? What if you had a way to go through your project, one step at a time, and gather all the valuable content?

This is what makes the writing process easy, it takes something that was vague and shapes it. It brings ORDER to the process and makes it doable. And that's why I wrote this workbook.

In 27 pages, it will help you gather all of the writing content you'll need if you ever wanted to share the story and the lessons of your project through a book--when you are done.

Buy Now!
(Everything for only $37.00)

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Again, here's everything you'll be getting.

You'll get the main book, a 96 page PDF complete with emails I used to set and confirm appointments, my script for meeting business owners, how to do an interview, what tools to use, how to write daily blog posts while the project is ongoing, how to write your mission statement for the project. And more!

A short workbook (20 pages) of notes and worksheets to help you get clear on what kind of project you should work on. This is complete with the 15 question test to help you find what you are passionate about and connect it to your own particular project.

If you are a writer or will like to write a book, you'll also get a guide on how to turn your project into a book (47 pages of clear guidelines).

Actually, I encourage it, because I believe anyone with a message should experience the book writing process, and this guide will make it easier by making all the content easy to gather before you start writing. Plus, book publishing also sharpens your communication skills, improves your resume, and opens doors to other opportunities.

Plus a workbook (27 pages) to help you gather all of the writing content you'll need if you ever wanted to share the story and the lessons of your project through a book when you are done.
Believe it or not, somethings are better said than written, and that's why I added  the audio commentary. I discuss a number of topics like:
1. Starting with little or nothing.
2. Faith & perseverance.
3. Connecting your passion to your project.
4. Building community through your project.
5. Interview skills.
6. And more! 

I also added one of my recorded interviews ( with Matt Lacy Of Cafe Java--in the photo below)!
Just so you hear a sample of how I do it, here's the audio for my interview with Matt Lacy, the owner of Cafe Java in Austin, Texas.

He had some wise things to say about starting a business, serving people, finding your passion, and how to get customers to line up and wait at the entrance of your coffee shop/restaurant because it's often full of earlier arriving customers already. 

What someone has already decided to do with the materials

What one of my readers sent me ( by email) after picking up a copy of this book:

Hi Kingston,

I believe I have my local project picked out. I want to trace the history of the apple orchard at my local park. Along the way I will illustrate the history of the neighborhood. How does that strike you?

I'll start with the materials in your course/book over the next week...


This is what makes my day, when someone decides to do something, to take that small first step to make a difference.

What was my email back, in  response?


Sure, that's a great start. This gives you a chance to learn as much as you can about the orchards, work on your writing skills by documenting your journey online, and engage the community around a shared space (the orchards/the local park/the neigborhood). I'd love to follow along! Feel free to keep me posted.

As always, I'm only a quick email away. Congrats on taking the initiative.


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Again, here are a few of what you'll be learning

1. How Warren Buffett used an offer to work for someone for free to connect with his mentor, the man responsible for almost all of his investment principles.

2. How writing helped President Barack Obama get elected in 2008.

3. How the founders of the Software company Basecamp use writing skills as a yardstick for hiring people for their company, and why you should start practicing now.

4. How the well-known company Banana Republic started ( with very little and humbly) and what you can learn from it, if you don’t know how to get your dream going.

5. How my job as a newspaper vendor (when I was young) is partly responsible for my writing skills now.

  • Plus:

    1. How to take initiative right where you are and start an interview project built around your passion (including the 15 question test to find your passion). Don't wait for someone to give you permission. It's in your hands.
  • Why writing is a strong platform for any project. It's been a bedrock for many great projects from the old days, still is, used by some of the most influential people ( President Obama, Warren Buffet & others) right now, and how you can also use it at your own level to get people to hear you and create value.
  • How to present an idea (your project) before a professional, a business owner, or someone you'd like to connect with, and do it on a win-win basis.
  • How to set appointments with professionals, follow up, and make them stick.
  • Why fear or shyness has no place in your heart if you are out there to do good. Also how this project will help you begin to grow your conversational skills if you feel like you are not a people person and want to overcome it.
  • How to write daily blog posts while the project is ongoing and improve your writing skills, in 21 days or more.
  • How to interview people in an easy, fun, and natural way.
  • Why you already have virtually everything you need to get going with this.

The whole package with everything included

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Only $37.00

For the price of a dinner with a friend get the knowledge, tools, and actionable material you need to find your passion, build a project around it, connect with key people, and share it with the world through publishing. (Plus a 60-Day guarantee, or your money back).

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About Me

Okay, I am a believer, an organizer, a writer, and a 'make things happen' kind of guy. You can find me in Austin, Texas.

Three quick things:

1. If you believe that one person with goodwill can make a difference, then we are in league.

2.If you believe that the bleakest of days---when you feel down and out---are not the end, then we are buddies.

3. If you believe that our Maker above will come to the aid of anyone seeking to help others, then we are siblings. Thanks for stopping by.

"Get To Know Your Backyard Opportunity" is a simple alert to what we all have around us if we are willing to take initiative. The opportunity we often seek is not far fetched, but next door.

If we go out with a sincere desire to use our gifts to help others in our neighborhood and challenge ourselves in the process then the we could make a difference. And the gains could be life-changing.

Read about my experience, the pointers I give, and get armed to get out there and give it a shot. And don't be surprised to surprise yourself along the way, pick up some skills, and come away with a story to tell.  It all begins with the first step.

Thanks again for checking out the book.
If you need any help, please contact me at [acouplethings70@gmail.com] acouplethings70@gmail.com

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